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Teens Find Human Remains While Participating in TikTok's 'Randonauting' Trend

Teens who were merely looking to go on a fun adventure discovered the remains of a 65-year-old woman, who has been missing, in a suitcase. The teens were participating in a new TikTok trend called "randonauting," in which users download an app which, using a random number generator, sends the user a random set of coordinates. The app will set a radius, give instructions and set an intention before the user goes out to explore. (via Heavy)

Post Malone Releases Tarot-Inspired Wine

Post Malone has officially released his own French rosé, Maison No. 9, selling 50,000 bottles during its two-day pre-sale. The $21.99 bottle is named after Post Malone's favorite Tarot Card, the Nine of Swords. If you missed the pre-sale, the rosé is now available online in nearly every state. (via TMZ)

Karen Is Dying... Or at Least the Name Is

Karen has been canceled once and for all — at least when it comes to baby names. The name, now known as a slang word for an overly demanding, entitled, middle-aged white woman, could become extinct because parents know the name is toxic. The folks at babynames.com shared that none of their millions of users have added Karen to their favorite name list in the past year, resulting in about a 75% decrease. They also say searches for the meaning behind the name have increased. (via TMZ)

Most Followed Celebrities on Instagram Revealed

Cristiano Ronaldo has reached 225 million followers, making him the most followed celebrity on Instagram. The other most followed stars include Ariana Grande with 191 million, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson with 187 million and Kylie Jenner with 182 million. Selena Gomez, previously the most followed female celebrity, has dropped three spots since the beginning of the month, making her number five on the list at 180 million followers. (via Just Jared)

FDA Approves Video Game To Treat ADHD

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the first video game for treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children. Created by Boston-based Akili Interactive Labs, EndeavorRx aims to improve attention in children. This is the first digital therapy approved for ADHD. Designed for children eight to twelve who have certain symptoms of ADHD, EndeavorRx will require a prescription from a doctor. (via USA Today)

Paris Jackson and Boyfriend Launch Facebook Watch Series, New EP

Paris Jackson and her boyfriend, Gabriel Glenn, are collaborating on some upcoming projects. Their new Watch Series will chronicle the couple's band, The Soundflowers, as well as explore the pressure Paris faces to live up to her famous dad's name. (via People)

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