You cannot define yourself OR live your life based on how you feel. Your feelings cannot be trusted.

Your feelings can't be trusted because a lot of times their influenced by too many things and too many people. You have to push yourself beyond how you feel on any given day… To a point where there’s something else driving you, pushing you, MOTIVATING YOU. You know how many times I come in this studio with my feelings on my shoulder? But because It's about you & NOT AT ALL about me, I crack this mic & I make it do what it do… Why? Because it’s not about my feelings. It’s all about PURPOSE... what I need to be doing when this mic is hot.

So, with that said…. Always remember this one thing one of my college professors, Dr. James Towns, always told me… “More than what I think or even feel, BUT BY AN ACT OF MY WILL… I CHOOSE TO _____." (Only you can fill in the blank.)


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