You can’t win the war against the world if you can’t win the war in your own mind. That’s where every significant battle you will ever fight is either won or lost.

The reason we lose the battles in our mind is because it’s malnourished. We feed it more junk than we do nourishment, and as a result we’re week mentally.

So be mindful of what you feed your mind especially first thing in the morning. I don’t touch Facebook or any social media, for that matter, until I get to work. People ask me all the time, "Did you see this or that on Facebook?" My answer is typically no…. Because if I have time to sit up and scroll all day on the Book, then I have time to read A BOOK, listen to a podcast or something that’s going to feed me mentally. Now that’s nothing against social media, because I play too in my down time. My point is this... You wouldn’t expect to win a gun fight with a knife. So, how do you think you’re gonna ever win at battle with a weak mind?


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