Remember the old song the adult church choir used to sing, Trouble Don't Last Always? Well, now you can see it on stage, and you don't wanna miss it. 

Texarkana, mark your calendars for Jul 21, 7 pm, at the Bright Star Theater for the inspirational, stage play, "Trouble Don't Last Always. The play follows the story line of the Book of Job, and we all know poor Job took it the Harder Way.

The play begins with Pastor Jo having a great life.... great family, cute kids, 5-star finances  and friendships the longway. Then all of a sudden... BOOM! All HELL breaks loose and he loses every thing.

Unfortunately, church folk, can be a bit judgmental... and some downright ugly working a 9-5 for Lucifer. And one of those 9-5 workers is none other thank Mr. Deacon Biship, who is the "church house devil" in a horrible suit.

The character, Deacon Bishop, is actually played by Harold Massey of Harold Massey Productions. He had the following to say about the play:

This play is all about exercising your faith and not fainting in times of difficulty.  When the bottom falls out of life, who do you hold on to? It's your faith.

This must-see production will make you laugh. It'll make you cry, and it will definitely bless you. Tickets are on sale right now at The Golden Lady and online at Ticket.rover. Also, I will give away a pair of tickets every day inside your 10:00 and 12:00 hours Monday -Friday. So keep it locked!

Click below to see the good 'ol Deacon Bishop on facebook live.


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