You don’t have to apologize for pitching a tent where others chose to build a house. Some of your friends and family chose to reside in what I call, "the prison of the past". That’s where they’re comfortable, and that's fine for them... But not for you. You gotta go! Something inside you won’t let you to stay. It kept nags at you. It kept calling you to greater, and that tent that was once comfortable is now too small. (POW cont'd)

That something is called PURPOSE. So, now your friends and family say, "You've changed" because you can’t always pick up the phone or meet up…. YOU’RE BUSY. And when they tell you that you're different, look them square in the eye and say… “Why yes, I am, and I’m glad you noticed hunny”.  If you don’t remember anything else, always know… those who matter won’t mind your change for the better. They will encourage it. And those who mind, don't matter. PERIODTTT.

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