My ultimate goal for myself as well for you guys is to come out of this pandemic BETTER than we went in it. How life happens isn’t stoppable, but how you handle it is controllable. So, I have 10 things I’ve set in place in my life that I’m holding myself accountable for that I believe will produce fruit at the end of all this…. I'm sharing 5 of them with today.

DOCUMENT A PLAN. Write the Vision! Make it plain! Without a vision the people perish

ESTABLISH YOUR PRIORITIES BASED ON THAT PLAN. Anything that doesn’t have to do with the plan automatically falls to the bottom of the priority list….  PERIOD

PURSUE YOUR PASSION ONLY.  Not every invitation/opportunity is a blessing. And remember… all ATTENTION don’t come with good INTENTIONS. (That was free:)

PROTECT YOUR PLANS AND PRIORITIES FROM OTHER FOLK’S INTEREST. Your plans and priorities are just that… YOURS! Don’t let anything or anyone have a say-so or alter them. Those who matter, won’t mind and those who mind… don’t matter

TAKE THIS TIME TO IDENTIFY WHAT IS VALUABLE TO YOU. Life has a way of making us forget what's truly valuable and meaningful to us. Take this time to remember.
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Those are your Pearls Of Wisdom brought to you by Crowned Culture Boutique. 

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