By now you've probably heard about the Drive-Thru haunted parking garage in downtown Little Rock "Shadows at Sixth." Now it's time we give you a video sneak preview!

The Little Rock Partnership along with the Little Rock Zoo has developed a Drive-Thru Haunted Halloween in a parking deck. Organizers wanted to put something together where families of all ages and friends can enjoy a drive-thru experience and still keep socially distanced for a happy and safe October.

Folks have driving in from all over the state and nearby states to experience bone-chilling effects and thrills in this multi-story parking deck in the heart of downtown Little Rock.

I first heard about "Shadows at Sixth," according to MSN. From professionally produced special effects, lighting, narration, various scenes, all designed to entertain all ages. This family-fun event will leave you gasping at every turn all the way to the top, you will never know what awaits you around each corner. From Arkansas' urban legends to some of the state's most haunted ghost stories, this drive-thru experience will take you on a journey like you've never experienced before while sitting in the comfort of your vehicle. No one will be allowed out of their vehicle. Oh, did we tell you when you get to the top of the parking deck you will get a bird's eye view of Little Rock's skyline?

If you're looking for a safe alternative for trick or treating, this just might be the ticket! So, load up Texarkana and take the 2-hour drive to Little Rock for a spooky good time. It most definitely will be worth the drive.

The Drive-Thru Haunted Halloween is located downtown at 6th and Scott Street, no Elm Street here. Tickets for "Shadows at Sixth" are $25 per vehicle online or $30 per vehicle on location. This spooktacular event is now open 7 days a week and runs until Halloween Oct. 31.

CBS affiliate THV11 in Little Rock put together this amazing video for a sneak preview.

More information and tickets can be found here.

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