You can never build an empire with someone who craves attention from the village.

Village people are comfortable in their tiny surroundings with their tiny way of thinking with they’re tiny like-minded circle. Their time and attention is sucked up by the small, irrelevant things in life... social media, gossip, flossing, etc.  Instead of building they’d rather be bragging. Instead of growing, they would rather gripe. And instead of soaring, they would rather sit where they are comfortable in the village environment they’re used to.

You will only grow frustrated and tired trying to build an empire with someone who has a village mentality.... Trust me I know.  So, let village people do what that do, while you link up with some empire builders, movers and shakers.  And let's face it, for where you're headed, you can't take everybody with you. Everyone's not built for the journey... and everyone can't handle the empire.

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