Let's get right to it, If you were born in Texarkana and live and work here, driving through two different states is just something we never think about.

I still find myself perplexed when someone comes to visit here or moves here or I am in another town and I get weird questions asked about our town.

Looks take a look at weird things I hear about Texarkana.

How do you say Texarkana?


Texarkana people say, Tex-er-kana or Tex-a-kana. If you say Tex-AR-kana, people know you are not from here or as my country folks would say, "You're not from around are ya boy?"

Why does Texarkana have a lot of liquor stores?

Well, for one the Arkansas side is not a dry county and let's just say, people like to drink in this neck of the woods. Remember the country song "House Party." by Sam Hunt we pretty much live that song.

Are we in Texas or Arkansas?


You know this is true when you take a visitor downtown to get a photo in front of the post office, there's the Arkansas state and Texas state sign on each side of the state line and they still ask the question and now it's on the concrete, Duh!

Do you really have two mayors?

Yes we do and we are governed by two states and have two city police departments.

Which police department responds to an accident?

Auto accident involving two cars on a city street
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Well, let me think about that one. Arkansas side police, Arkansas accident, Texas accident, Texas side police. Really?

What's that stinky smell in the air in Texarkana?

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If the wind is just right, you can smell the paper mill in Ashdown just down the road on any given day.

Why are there so many churches in Texarkana?

First of all, we are in what they call the bible belt, we love praise and worship, and maybe after all the drinking around here you may need a little Jesus.

Where is the State Line I don't see one?

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Do I really need to answer that one? It's really right down North State Line. Where? Double Duh!

I'll close by saying most people know about the Phantom killer that stalked the community in the 1940s, and the Fouke Monster, Texarkana's version of bigfoot. Some even mention the movie "Smokey and the Bandit." even though it was not filmed here, it put Texarkana on the map. The question I always get, "Is the Coors distributor still there?"

However the one thing I always here when people find out I'm from Texarkana, they say, "I've been through there on my way to Dallas or Little Rock."

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