I was going through some old photos at my mom's house and I noticed something strange. There was an hourglass with wings on top of an old headstone that was in one of the photos. 

So after a little digging, I found a website weburbanist with some pretty cool information on these symbols. I found out that the symbol on top of that headstone meant that the person had passed away too soon. There are a few others that you might find fascinating if you happen to be going through an old graveyard any time soon.


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The lamb signifies purity and innocence. It usually is marking a child's grave. Though this is viewed as a Christian symbol, it is said to have been used by the Egyptians.

Open Book

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The open book may be the bible of another religious text. Some of these may even have blank pages or dog-eared pages That can mean a life that was unfinished or gone too soon.

Tree Stump

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This is a symbol of a fraternal organization that the deceased was a member. It can be one of two groups, Woodman of the World or Modern Woodman of America. These organizations were for financial services like insurance.

Draped Urn

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The classic urn that is used for cremated remains also symbolizes the veil between the living and the dead.

Open Gates

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The open gates is a symbol for the passage from this life to the afterlife or for the second coming of Jesus.

Three Chain LInks

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Sometimes shown with an ax or the letters FLT, friendship, love, and truth. The links symbolize charity and philanthropy and are associated with the Masons.

Clasping Hands

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This is the symbol of lost spouses. It is the relationship with the wife or husband and means the unity even after death.

The Square And Compass

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This is the most recognized symbol of the Free Masons the square and compass are the architect's tools which the masons use to teach symbolic lessons. The G stands for God or Geometry the noblest of sciences.