Extreme Sports are quickly taking over the "leisure" activity world. Remember when snow skiing used to be kind of extreme? Kind of dangerous? Or things like motocross, or maybe sky diving? Simple things like that are not considered extreme anymore. Now they strap on a wing suit and fly as close to the sides of mountains and trees and jagged rocks as they can without getting killed, what fun!

Yeah, I know I'm getting old but I would like to think I had good sense even when I know I didn't. I would love to fly a wing suit right now, it would be ultra cool, I just can't imagine wanting to see how close I could get to large land mass type things that could turn me into a greasy spot because I suddenly sneezed at the wrong time. Ah-Choo SPLAT!

To each their own right?

My question is, if this is extreme now, what might be considered extreme in 100 years? Maybe a tethered balloon ride to 100,000 feet so you can free fall for like 20 to 30 minutes. Just a thought, but it could happen.

What do you think might be an extreme sport in 100 tears? Oh be sure you watch this guy below fly through a hole in a mountain. Unreal!