The Summer Olympics gets started with the opening ceremony this Friday night. Do you watch the summer games? I love watching some of the sports, but others not so much.

I love to watch the opening ceremonies and I love the fact that we learn cool things about the host country throughout the broadcasts. The games are in Rio, Brazil this year, so I can't wait to find out more about the culture.

There are a ton of sports to follow but my favorite one to watch in the summer games is gymnastics. I also like the diving and the track and field. What's your favorite sport to watch? Take our poll below and let us know.

The other thing that I just love about the Olympics, both the summer and the winter, is rooting for our country!  I must admit I love rooting for a few other countries too, to clarify, I'm rooting for them to do well, but not as well as the U.S. Those countries I hope that will do well are...Great Britain, because my husband is from there. Poland, because that is my family's heritage. Canada because my mother was from Canada. Last, but not least is Jamaica, because I just love the country and the people. Let's get these games started!