I love breakfast. It is by far my most favorite meal of the day.

During the week though I'm up earlier than the chickens. I don't have any chickens unfortunately, but if I had some, I would be up before them. Due to that "work schedule," I don't get the sit down breakfast thing near as often as I would like. So on the weekends, my wife and I like to sneak off and get a breakfast somewhere maybe a couple of times a month. Our top two places we usually go to are:

  • Dixie Diner on State Line Avenue -- I love their ham, mushroom and Swiss cheese omelet.
  • Denny's off I-30 and State Line Avenue -- I really like their pancakes.

We used to go to the Waffle House quite a bit but after a series of mediocre experiences they have dropped off our list for a while.

Side note: A lot of people around here remember the fantastic breakfast they used to serve at Kings Row Inn on State Line Avenue on the Arkansas side. Sadly, no more.

Thanks to workmates, I have learned of several places to try breakfast that I didn't know of before so I'm excited about that, but now it's your turn.