YK Osiris is being accused of lying about paying for the funeral costs of Tyre Sampson, the 14-year-old boy who died after falling from a Florida amusement park ride last month. However, YK Osiris claims he did give money to the family of the teen.

Tyre Sampson's funeral took place yesterday (April 9), 16 days after he fell to his death from the FreeFall ride at Orlando's ICON Park amusement park, and exactly two weeks after YK Osiris offered to pay the teen's funeral cost. According to a Facebook account reportedly owned by Sampson's brother, the "Worth It" rhymer did not contribute to the homegoing arrangements.

“YkOsiri or whatever dude name is cancelled," the message reads. "Used lil bro for pure clout. Didn’t pay a dime but told the world otherwise. Even posted a fake screenshot of a GoFundMe donation. Stop pretending you about giving back to the community just to get your sales up. Lame as hell.”

Nekia Dodd, Sampson's mother, replied to the post, "And he blocked me on IG too."

Sampson's brother then shot down arguments from YK Osiris fans claiming the rapper shared a screenshot of his $15,000 donation to Sampson's GoFundMe. “I’m not even gone argue about it,” he wrote along with a screenshot of the GoFundMe page. “Top donation is $500 as shown. We didn’t ask, [Osiris] volunteered. Stop lying to these people. He used my bro for clout.. thas that.”

YK Osiris has since responded to the backlash over the accusations on Instagram. "Why me?" He wrote on his Instagram Story. "I'm not even that type of person for real. I will never play around like that NEVER."

In a follow-up post, YK Osiris added, "At the end of the day I'm not no Indian Giver. [What] I do from my heart is from my heart. God always has my back. This is not bout me or anyone else it's bout [Tyre]. God gave me a job to do and I wanted to do it ASAP. I love you and anything his mother need I'm here for her."

YK Osiris also shared a screen recording that shows him going to Sampson's GoFundMe page and pulling up his $15,000 donation. He also shared a screenshot of GoFundMe's FAQ page about why donations might not appear on the fundraiser page.

As of press time, Sampson's GoFundMe page shows the biggest donation as $500. XXL has reached out to YK Osiris' team, Dodd's lawyer and GoFundMe for comment.

Tyre Sampson, a St. Louis, Mo. native, was visiting the Orlando amusement park for spring break with members of his football team. He got on the FreeFall ride, which ascends to a height of over 400 feet before plummeting to the ground at 75 MPH. Sampson slipped from the ride's restraints during the descent and hit the ground. He was later pronounced dead. Both Dodd and Sampson's father, Yarnell Sampson, are reportedly seeking legal action.

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