ATV Show & Shine & Sound Contest in Hope July 17th
Grab your ATVs, shine 'em up, plug in the BIG speakers and get ready to show 'em off in Hope on July 17, 2021. Hope Police Department and Hempstead County Sheriff's Office are raising funds for the 2021 "Santa Cop" and "Shop with a Cop" Programs.
Border Wall Construction Plan From Texas’ Governor Abbott
Governor Greg Abbott held a press conference in Austin yesterday to announce key components of the State of Texas' plan to build a border wall. This follows the Governor's Border Security Summit last week in Del Rio that worked on ways to secure the border and keep communities safe.
Texarkana Area COVID By-The-Numbers for June 16
Vaccines are very easy to find right now, most pharmacies and even some Doctor's Offices and Clinics are stocked, but if you're still looking, CHRISTUS St. Michael offers vaccines with the Spirit St. Michael Mobile Unit. For additional information, call 903-748-8573. Collom & Carney Clinic is no…
Tuesday’s Pearls Of Wisdom
When you change your attitude, you’ll change your altitude.Eagles can fly 4-5 miles high in the sky. No other bird can fly that high. So when an eagle at top flight and crosses paths with another bird , IT AUTOMATICALLY knows it’s another eagle because they are the on…
Juneteenth Weekend! What It Means to Keeta King
This Saturday on June 19, DeKalb, Texas is celebrating Juneteenth with a celebratory parade beginning at Ward Little League Ball Field located at 707 West Grizzly Dr. Also on Saturday in Texarkana there will be a parade organized by one of the Scholars are hosting an entire Juneteenth extravaganza t…
12-Year-Old Organizes Juneteenth Parade In Texarkana
Ayden Howard, a 11-year-old young man who's nothing shy of brilliant, has organized a Juneteenth Parade to take place this Saturday in Texarkana.
If you've ever met Ayden, you can never forget him. He's the most well-spoken, well-mannered little entrepreneur and and visionary you will …
This Week’s Top 10 Funniest TikToks
Hey fraaaands! I'm back at it again! I know some of my friends don't like to scroll through TikTok for the best funnies or perhaps just don't have the time. Well, let me do your no brainer tiktoking for you. So, below are the funniest tiktoks for this week...

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