A 10-year-old boy in Arkansas set out on a hunting trip recently during deer season and instead of catching a deer, he got more than he bargained for when he took down a huge black bear in Fulton County, Arkansas.

Dylan Conner shot the bear with his crossbow near the Baxter Fulton County line according to a report from ktlo.com. Conner knew something was up when he noticed an armadillo running nearby and the black bear was only steps away from him. He recalls seeing the bear and that's when he made the decision to kill the bear before it may have attacked him.

Credit, Arkansas Big Buck Classic
Credit, Arkansas Big Buck Classic

With his rather large catch, Dylan has become an instant social media star. The 10-year-old boy says he plans to have the hide turned into a huge bear rug for his room.

Listen to Dylan explain his hunting experience with his dad.

Archery season in Arkansas began at the end of last month, and muzzleloader season is set to begin this Saturday, Oct. 15, modern gun season starts on Nov. 12.

Congratulations Dylan Conner! What a catch! I guess you could say, Dylan, was smarter than the average bear in taking down this beast of a bear.

A few weeks ago a Texarkana teen snagged a large alligator near Fouke.

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