Over the weekend, a massive 300-pound pumpkin displayed at Hammer's Farm Market in Peoria, Illinois, went missing and may have been taken by thieves. We're not sure what's more impressive -- actually growing a 300-pound pumpkin or working out the logistics to steal one.

According to the farm stand's owner, Roger Hammer, the gigantic pumpkin was last seen on Sunday night and disappeared sometime before the business opened on Monday morning at 10am. He suspects that it may have been gourd-napped.

But Hammer can't imagine how thieves managed to make off with his prize pumpkin, since it took such a herculean effort to get it there in the first place.

"When we took it off the truck, we had to use the bucket of the tractor to move it. We had to use the tractor to roll it off onto the pallet," said Hammer. "They'd have to have a truck, or an SUV maybe. It'd have to be multiple people to pick it up. One person wouldn't be able to do it. I'm pretty strong myself and I wouldn't be able to pick it up."

Currently, the pumpkin's whereabouts are unknown, but like Hammer pointed out, it should be fairly easy to spot given its size.

"It's a 300-pound pumpkin, so it can't exactly hide. No one else around has a pumpkin this size, so it's pretty obvious where they got it from if I find it," he said.

What do you think happened to the pumpkin? Was it stolen by the Halloween equivalent of the Grinch?

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