"You killed my **** baby" cried out a grieving father in anguish as he sat in the court room of his 4-year-old daughter, Anya Day-Garrett's murder trial awaiting the sentencing of her alleged murderers:  the 4-year-old's mother and the mother's boyfriend. A chilling video filled with tears and emotion captured the outburst of grieving father, Mickhal Garrett, as he couldn't control himself when the two charged with beating his daughter to death walked into court. Alleged murderer, Sierra Day and her boyfriend, Deonte Lewis showed no emotion at all.

Watch the heart wrenching video below: 

Euclid, Ohio police and paramedics were called to an apartment complex on Lakeshore Blvd. on Sunday after receiving a 911 call that a child was unresponsive. Aniya was later pronounced dead at Euclid Hospital. The hospital reported her death as a suspected homicide and the medical examiner's office confirmed the manner of death as a homicide.

Mickhal Garrett says he was petitioning for emergency custody of his little girl during the time of her murder and prior to that had tried to warn authorities that she was being abused.

Aniya's daycare teacher said that she filed reports of suspected abuse of Aniya on numerous occasions, and that the child told her that "mommy hit me."Cuyahoga County Children and Family Services say that they did conduct three investigations into Aniya's case and that there is an open case right now.

Sierra Day and Deonte Lewis were charged with aggravated murder in the death of Aniya Day. The suspects are being held on a $1-million bond each.

This case and countless others, unfortunately, are constant reminders of  why APRIL, Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month is so important. I's an important time to start the conversation in our communities about how we can keep our children safe. We look forward to highlighting on Texarkana Matters those in the Texarkana community who work hard every day to prevent an Aniya Day-Garrett case from happening here.



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