We all know that Bed Bath & Beyond decided to call it quits but now it's really official. Yesterday (Sunday, April 23) the company declared bankruptcy. Which brings up some questions about those coupons and what about any gift cards you still have?

I really hate to see this store close. You could always find high-quality merchandise and I loved how the store smelled. It must have been a combination of all the new bedding, towels with all the candles and reed defusers. I'm going to miss that scent.


The store plans on closing all stores by June 30. But ours in Texarkana looks like it is a wrap, and it's done. But, looking at their website there are five things we found that you need to know as Bed Bath & Beyond starts winding down all their stores.

They are still open online and still have merchandise.

1. The coupons - do you still have some? Then use them quickly. They will only be good through tomorrow! That's right only good through Tuesday, April 25.

Another victim of the Recession.

2. Their official Going-Out-of-Business Sale will start on Wednesday, April 26. Everything sold will be final and no returns will be taken.

3. Gift Cards -  If you have any gift cards then start using them. You will have until May 8 to use gift cards. The good news is you can still use those gift cards online too.

Lower Sales Bring Bed Bath & Beyond Shares Down
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4. If you were with their loyalty program they will stop accepting those points on May 15.

5. If you have your wedding registry with them, their website says they will be notifying you soon and will be partnering with another store and then transferring your registry.

You can find out more information about all these concerns and more at here.

So that is it in a nutshell now I just need to find that dang gift card that I put in a safe place. If I could only remember where that safe place is before May 8.

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