As the new kid on the block, I had a lot to learn when I moved to Texarkana..... Starting with difference between Texas and Arkansas, two states who share a city that are literally separated by a street called Stateline. Well, in addition to figuring out that Arkansas is the "affordable side of I-30", yet sales tax is higher than that of Texas, in 5 months, I'm beginning to feel like a native. As the new girl in T-Town, here's what I've learned about Texarkana:


1. I can literally stand in Arkansas and throw a rock into Texas.


2. Texarkana is the town that dreaded sundown and even has a movie about a masked/hooded serial killer who apparently terrorized Texarkana residents.


3. Texas High and Arkansas High's football game is one of the top rivalries in nation.


4. I can stand in a certain spot at the Texarkana Post Office and literally be in two different states at the same time. What the heezy??


5. EVERYBODY stays "MC Fresh" in their Miracle's Closet gear. (including me now)

6.Waffle House is the official after hours spot.


7. Mr. D's is the staple night club in the city that has been around for several generations.


8. If a traffic light messes up at a busy intersection (like Arkansas Blvd & Jefferson Ave-HINT HINT), it will stay that way for two solid weeks.

If I'm this far ahead of the learning curve after only five months, can you imagine what I will know about this place in a year? In about seven months, I'll report back and let you know. :) All and all, I like it here. Thanks, Texarkana!


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