Eight-year-old Imani McCray hanged herself with a sheet in her Newark home shortly after being sent upstairs to take a timeout in her room.  Family members worked hard to revived the child before emergency first responders arrived, but too no avail. Little Imani McCray was pronounced dead at University Hospital in Newark.

It is believed that her suicide is eerily connected to her exposure to the national news and social media coverage of the suicide of Ashawnty Davis, 10-year-old little girl from Colorado, who hanged herself in her bedroom closet after an altercation with a bully.

Below see local coverage of the details of the suicide and a very emotional plea from her parents to others to be involved in a child's life.

If this is true, the question is now... 1. How much information is too much information for a child? Second question.... How big of a role does social media play in the suicide and BULLYCIDE of our youth. I can't help but wonder who she would be had she not been robbed of her little young life. This is why we must always stay in our kids' ears.... because somebody else definitely will.




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