Arkansas Game and Fish Commission officials got called out Wednesday night to subdue a rather large alligator on the side of the road in Monticello.

According to the report from television station, the capture occurred on Hwy 138, more commonly called Winchester Rd around 8:30 PM.

Alligator bites - THV11 YouTube
Alligator lasso - THV11 YouTube

At one point during the capture, the alligator bites the bumper of the pickup truck as one of the officials tries to move it out of the way of the capture. Apparently, the gator didn't want to go.

Alligator bites - THV11 YouTube
Alligator finally captured - THV11 YouTube

The officials were not trying to kill the animal, just trying to get it tied up so they could safely move it to a better location in a wildlife management area away from people and traffic.

Alligator bites Pickup - THV11 YouTube
Alligator bites Pickup - THV11 YouTube

The gator was a 9' 6" male and put up quite a fight before he was subdued and trailered off to his new home.

The video below will get your heart racing a little bit watching him struggle against his potential captors. This is the kind of work you leave up to the experts for sure.

If you ever need some help from the Arkansas Fish and Game Commission, call (800) 364-4263.

Do you have any wild gator encounters you want to tell us about, legal stories only, please?

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