The X-Men have grounds for a lawsuit. The latest trailer for the forgettably-named upcoming action-thriller American Assassin begins with a squadron of new recruits going through a training exercise in a high-tech virtual facility. Hard-light holograms act as attackers, and though they may be projections, the “shots” they fire definitely hurt like real bullets. This dangerous room bears a suspicious resemblance to the Xavier School’s Danger Room, to the point that the wheelchair-bound telepath could probably hash this out outside of court for a fat stack of settlement dough. These may be fictional characters in fictional situations, but the American Assassin trailer does not give the average news-post writer much more to discuss.

The trailer presents a pretty paint-by-numbers Bourne-y vibe: Star Dylan O’Brien has the requisite dark past (girlfriend died in a beachside terrorist attack), special set of killer skills, and even a gruff, tough-love mentor in long-in-the-tooth badass Michael Keaton. Some heavily armed insurgents are up to no good, and it falls to O’Brien’s scrappy young operative to take them down with extreme prejudice. But wait! It turns out their enemy isn’t what they initially assumed — the mastermind is a former student of Keaton’s portrayed by Taylor Kitsch, and he already knows all the old man’s moves better than he himself knows them. It’ll take some fresh moves to get the drop on the no-goodnik.

American Assassin comes to theaters on September 15, and was directed by regular Homeland helmer Michael Cuesta. Will this film be able to distinguish itself from the pack of similar-looking spy flicks, or is it doomed to an eternity of being confused with Jason Bourne?

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