If you're like me, when you look in your fridge and see the expiration dates on the milk or eggs your quick to trash a few things if it's getting close to the expiration date.  

Maybe we need to hold off on that a little. Things aren't going to go bad on that exact day. A new study shows how long some things should stay fresh after the expiration date. The study also showed that we are throwing away a ton of food that is still good for quite a while. I'm a little chicken when it comes to checking if the milk is good or not. I hate the smell of soured milk. It'll make me gag. So, I make my husband smell it!

Here's a quick run down:

- Milk and Yogurt are both good for about a week after the expiration date. Personally, I     haven't always had that kind of luck with milk.

- Eggs are good for about a month after sell date or a little longer.

- Bacon will last about a week longer than the use-by date as long as it's unopened. You might as well just cook it all and store in the fridge. Cold bacon sandwiches are quite tasty! :)

You can check out the rest of the list here.