Arkansas mental health professionals are offering pro bono services to front-line personnel. will now host a directory of mental health professionals offering free services to emergency personnel and frontline health care workers through June 30.

Dr. Nate Smith, Secretary of Health said:

“Our mental and emotional health are very important, especially for those on the front lines of this pandemic, I commend this group for taking care of those
who are caring for the rest of us.” is a free statewide, one-stop resource that provides a comprehensive, reliable list of information on local businesses, restaurants, services, farmers and market organizers, and other essential resources for Arkansans. It now includes a database aimed to support health care workers.

Ken Clark, MA, LMFT, CEO of Chenal Family Therapy PLC said:

“These heroes need to feel valued at a time when they are questioning this extraordinary sacrifice, We'd be foolish to think that they can keep serving at the level they do without experiencing trauma, anxiety, depression and burden on their families. They're going to need to be able to count on us to help protect their hearts and minds as they continue fighting for our physical safety."

Mental health professionals can add their services to this database in real-time. Professionals can add themselves as a ‘Place’ and include two categories: Services, Mental Health with the tag ‘Pro Bono.’ Medical personnel and first responders can, in turn, access and see an aggregated list of trained mental health professionals offering free health services from different practices across the state on the Free Therapy Support for Frontline Workers page.

Sharon Tallach Vogelpohl, principal and president of MHP/SI said:

“Our talented and dedicated health professionals are fighting to keep our communities and families safe,”  “As they care for those with the virus, we need to do everything we can to care for them.”

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