As we get more into the month the Halloween decorations go up and the ghosts and ghouls are ready to go out and scare people in the night. Do you know what horror villain is the most famous in Arkansas?

We know that you can say Halloween without thinking about Jason from the original "Halloween" movie.

Or Freddy Kruger in "A Nightmare on Elm Street" movies.

But what villain is the most famous in our area?

In Texas, It is all about the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and of course Leatherface.

In Louisiana, it is all about Zombies, and the movie 'The Beyond"

Oklahoma has Severen from the movie "Near Dark"

But in Arkansas, it is the Boggy Creek Monster that resides just down the road in Fouke Arkansas.

The "Fouke Monster" was made famous by this movie in 1972. This is what Ranker had to say about the most famous horror villain from Arkansas:

The Legend of Boggy Creek is a 1972 horror docudrama about the "Fouke Monster," a Bigfoot-type creature that has been seen in and around Fouke, Arkansas since the 1950s. The film mixes staged interviews with some local residents who claim to have encountered the creature, along with fictitious reenactments of said encounters. Charles B. Pierce, an advertising salesman from Texarkana on the Arkansas/Texas border, borrowed over $100,000 from a local trucking company, used an old 35mm movie camera and hired locals to help make the 90-minute film.

If you have lived here for any amount of time you have heard stories of the Fouke Monster. Here is a video of its supposed scream that was recorded in Fouke a few years ago.

If you want more details on the Fouke Monster check out Jim's story he wrote, Bigfoot Screams Recorded in Miller County.

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