Get ready for the fun in Cass County as the celebration of the founding of Atlanta, Texas reaches 150 years this September. 

I remember when Texas herself celebrated its 150-year anniversary, it was 1986, I was barely a year into my broadcast career working in Baytown and we went to the big live Sesquicentennial show with Willie Nelson and Family at the San Jacinto Monument. Well, now it's Atlanta's turn.

San Jacinto Monument, Texas - Canva
San Jacinto Monument, Texas - Canva

Willie may not be coming to this one, but you are guaranteed to have a great time anyway.

Atlanta's 150th birthday will be celebrated in the historic downtown area. The events will kick off with a 5K Run at 7 AM, then at 10 AM, a Vintage parade.

many fast runners run at finish line during race in the city

All Day Events include:

  • Homemade and Homegrown market in Woods Plaza
  • Cooking, Canning, Baking contests
  • Old Fashioned Games
  • Live music throughout the day
  • Food Trucks
  • Historic Demonstrations
  • Art Show
  • Time Capsule Viewing
  • Cake Walk

Dress up like it's 1872 then be sure you participate in the Costume, beard, and liars contests.

Brandon Bourdages,Thinkstock
Brandon Bourdages,Thinkstock

Enter your team for the BBQ Cook-off that happens at 5 PM.

Captain Joe Band - Facebook
Captain Joe Band - Facebook

Whatever you do, don't miss the street dance at 7 PM with Captain Joe Band.

Fun for the whole family on Saturday, September 10 in downtown Atlanta, get there and help them celebrate the Big 150.

For more information check out their Facebook Events Page, or call 903-293-8664 or email

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