Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 8, and while most families will be spending time with mom to show her some appreciation, she may not exactly want that. What?

According to a new survey which was just done by PR Newswire 71 percent of moms say what they would like most is spending some time alone. That's not say that a whopping 91 percent still would like to have their family cook a meal for them. And then after that, leave?

Here are the Top 5 ways moms would love to spend her Mother's Day.

1. Spa

Beauty spa treatment

Mom would love being pampered with some alone time at the nearest spa.

2. Movie

Empty movie theater
Deklofenak, ThinkStcock

You may feel inclined to take mom to a movie but she would really like to watch her favorite movie or TV show alone. Suggestion: the new Mother's Day movie.

3. Reading

Woman in hammock

You could never go wrong in giving mom a new book to read on her laptop, nothing is more relaxing than lots of quiet time.

4. Breakfast

Frau schlAft im Hotelbett und FrAhstAck steht bereit

You could score major points by serving your mom breakfast in bed.

5. Picnic


Believe it or not the survey said that mom would love to go on a picnic -- alone.

So however you choose to celebrate this Mother's Day, show her some love and appreciation. And then give her some space.

Better yet tell her Happy's Mother's Day in 22 seconds!

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