Ben Affleck has a new partner in crime: Jennifer Lopez's mother!

On Wednesday (June 9) the actor and his rekindled flame's mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez, were photographed filming something in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Page Six shared photos of Affleck and Rodriguez in the casino at the Wynn Resort. Security personnel and camera people were seen surrounding the two. According to the outlet's source, Affleck is currently filming and directing a new project, which J.Lo also has a part in. She wasn't seen on set, however.

The report noted that Lopez previously stated that she is a "huge gambler" and she even once won $2.4 million from an Atlantic City casino.

Affleck previously had his own gambling problems: In 2014, he was banned from playing blackjack at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Cafe after he was caught allegedly counting cards.

“He was there with Jen on Tuesday night for a romantic break before he headed off to Detroit to shoot Batman, ” a source told The New York Post at the time. The insider said that managers approached Affleck and told him of his ban but that he could play any other games on site.

The source clarified, "What he was doing isn’t ­illegal. He’s basically an ‘advantaged player’ because he knows what he’s doing."

In 2001, the actor took home $800,000 in winnings from the casino. He did this by playing three $20,000 hands.

Lopez and Affleck seem to have grown since their called-off engagement in 2004. A source close to the couple told Entertainment Tonight that they recently spoke together about what went wrong during their first relationship.

"They are both hopeful about their relationship this time around and putting the effort in," the source added. "They have both matured and are on the same page and it has been easy."

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