If you’re between 16 and 24 and looking for work with flexible hours, decent pay and job security, you may want to consider donning a white lab coat. In a new ranking, many of the top 15 best jobs for young people were in health care.

Forbes reports that because health care is the fastest-growing sector of the US economy, nearly half its list was unsurprisingly comprised of jobs within the field.

Dental assistants topped the rankings, while medical assistants, physical therapist assistants and health aides came in third, fourth and fifth, respectively. In fact, teachers of self-enrichment courses (like pottery and art) were the only non-health professionals to crack the top five.

Laurence Shatkin, author of the book ’150 Best Jobs for Your Skills,’ studied which positions have the highest concentration of people under 25, pay well and often hire entry-level workers, and then based his rankings on annual salary, openings and projected growth.

“Almost every one of these [jobs] requires physical contact,” said Shatkin, who also noted many of the positions don’t require a college degree. “You have to show up to do them, so you’re not being shipped overseas, and they can’t be done by a robot.”

Here’s are the top 10 best jobs for young people, along with their median salaries (see the entire list for more):

1. Dental Assistant — $33,470
2. Self-Enrichment Education Teacher — $36,340
3. Medical Assistant — $28,860
4. Physical Therapist Assistant — $49,690
5. Home Health Aide — $20,560
6. Fitness Trainers and Aerobics Instructors — $31,090
7. Pharmacy Technician — $28,400
8. Surgical Technologist — $39,920
9. Customer Service Representative — $30,460
10. Construction Laborer — $29,280

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