It looks like the Carters are in the holiday spirit. Beyoncé, her five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy, and her mother, Tina Knowles Lawson, were spotted recently Christmas shopping at Target.

Several photos have popped up on Instagram of the trio with Queen Bey pushing a shopping cart and looking at various items at the Target store located in San Clemente, Calif. In the video above, the R&B superstar is donning huge sunglasses as she walks through the aisle with Blue Ivy in the cart.

If Beyoncé was trying to be incognito, she failed miserably. Several customers were able to get a quick snapshot of her in the store. However, in the photo below, it looks like Beyonce caught one person snapping a photo and told the person to stop.

There’s no word if Queen Bey purchased anything or if she was just casually shopping. After the photos surfaced online, fans on Twitter went berserk.

"Why Beyoncé out here shopping in target like she human or somethin," tweeted one person. Another fan wrote, "If I was a Target worker and I had to ring up Beyonce I would probably be crying and shaking through the whole purchase."

Check out fans' Twitter reactions below.

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