Who's job is it to raise our kids - us or Cardi B?

In a Facebook rant gone viral Tyshona Lee stated her distaste for Cardi B's lyrics.

"I would appreciate her come up if she didn't tell my daughter to [...] him and then get sum money. Not a good message at all. What is the future. Bunch of lil thots in training."

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Out of the hundreds of comments the major theme was why are you letting your child listen to Cardi B. - in which I agree.


The theme of celebrities being role models comes around every time some one says something that's not in line with our personal moral compass, but what the topic should be is how much we allow young ones to consume.

Though an edited version will often blur the word, the innuendo is still there. It is up to the parent to monitor the music, movies, and images of pop culture they let their babies view or listen to. Of course we've all been young and know that when parents are away the kids will play and in turn listen to whatever they want to, but that is where good parenting comes in.

Are you explaining to your children why these things are inappropriate or are you just saying "You can't listen to that because I said so?" The curiosity is killed when you teach self-worth, self-respect and right from wrong instead of allowing Bardi Bacardi teach your child - that's not her job.

She is an entertainer. Her job is to entertain. As a parent your job is to parent. As much as as I love "No Limit", Baby Famous Jae, if their was one, would not be singing "F 'em then I get some money,"- at least not in earshot of me.

What is your opinion? Should Cardi tone down her lyrics and become a good Role Model or Keep Doing Her Thing?

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