Cardi B and Bruno Mars’ magical performance of “Finesse (Remix)” at the 2018 Grammy Awards will probably go down as the most talked about moment of the night.

But performance aside, Cardi B was clearly the big winner of the night. Although she didn’t take home any awards, much to her fans' chagrin, the Bronx rapper shined on the red carpet all the way to the Grammy stage. And everyone took notice.

Both fans and celebrities saluted Cardi B for her performance alongside the Grammy-winning singer Bruno Mars. Many of them praised Cardi B’s come up— from the strip pole to Instagram star to now a Grammy performer, it’s sort of a rags to riches kind of story for the 25-year-old star.

Or as one fan noted on Twitter, “Cardi B is really the Trap Cinderella.”

We don't think Cardi B's "Cinderella" moment will turn into a pumpkin at midnight. In fact, she's only getting started.

After her performance, folks on Twitter showered Cardi B with praise and adulation.

"Cardi went from Lust to the fuccin Grammys! Let’s get it Queen," tweeted rapper Young Lito.

Another fan wrote, "Everybody from the Bronx should be proud of Cardi B. Shorty really went from the bottom of the barrel to the Grammy stage. That’s that Bronx shit."

We couldn't agree more.

Read more Twitter reactions below.

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