The Cass County fugitive has been found and captured. The Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office confirmed this morning that Charles Obin Spraberry, 44 is back in custody after he escaped a Cass County jail in Linden on Monday evening.

According to a post on Facebook from Judge Travis Ransom, Spraberry was able to escape after assaulting a male jailer with a knife Monday (August 29) at around 7:45 PM.  He then came upon a female jailer and forced her to open the door and then he ran out of the jail. Several law agencies including Texas troopers with TDPS and Cass County deputies went on a manhunt with tracking dogs but when they couldn't find a trail the U.S. Marshals were called to help with the search. 

Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office
Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office


Then this morning Wednesday, August 31, according to the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office;

Caddo deputies chased and arrested him on LA 169 south of Moringsport this morning, said Sheriff Steve Prator.
After a short chase, Spraberry and a woman who was in the car with him were arrested at approximately 8:01 a.m. They will be booked into Caddo Correctional Center.
Charges are pending as the investigation continues.
Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office
Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office

Spraberry is a person of interest in multiple felonies including sexual assault, assault by strangulation, assault with a deadly weapon, felon in possession of a firearm, and kidnapping.

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