This time of year it's fun to hear scary stories. Did you know there are some creepy ghostly stories in Arkansas? Some great urban legends that will give you a good scare. Oh, and if you dare, can check these out yourself.
One of the best parts of Halloween, besides the costumes, trick-or-treaters, parties and candy, would be carving the pumpkin.
The countdown is on for Halloween and there's nothing like inviting some friends over for some tasty treats and watching a scary movie. Of course, everyone's definition of what is considered scary or not will vary. But to put it into perspective, you can't go wrong on watching some cl…
Creepy Haunted Roads in Arkansas
Halloween is less than two weeks away and stories of ghostly apparitions always start to come to light about this time every year. If you happen to be a person who believes in the paranormal maybe you have experienced something you simply cannot explain.

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