New Restaurant Coming to Texarkana
One thing I've learned over the course of the year-plus that I've lived here, Texarkanians love to eat. And I've got great news... Texarkana is getting a new restaurant that the family can enjoy called Flying Burger & Seafood!
Thursday’s Pearls Of Wisdom
You will never see an ad that says, “Bentley reduced” or "2019 Porsche Markdown tomorrow"! So, what’s the difference between you and Bentley??  Ohhhh Bentley and Porsche know their worth...... and you don’t yet.
Self-driving Cars to be Tested In Arkansas
We've kinda always thought some cars just drive themselves because SURELY the bone head behind the steering wheel in the car next to you wasn't given a license to drive. Well...... The Arkansas Legislature has approved a bill that allows pilot programs to test self-driving vehicles on stat…
Tuesday’s Pearls Of Wisdom
Don't judge a person by the chapter in their life book that you came in on. You never know what a person has been through that shaped and molded the character you’re reading about.
Facing The Giants Jingle Jam Party
The Facing the Giants organization invites all youth 8 - 15 years of age to come out for a Jingle Jamming good time at the Marvels T-Shirt Jingle Jam this Friday night (Dec. 28), 7-10 at the Octavia's Center located at 2315 Texas Blvd.

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