Pearls Of Wisdom
Some people are like water. They take on the shape of whatever they’re poured into… Don’t let that be you. BE YOU! You are enough.
You were not born to fit in or to be a cheap copy of anyone else. It's great to be liked, but you weren’t bor…
Thursday’s Pearls Of Wisdom
Don’t go back to anything you had to pray your way out of. Whether an addiction, a relationship, state of mind, a living situation, etc. If God brought you out, do not look back (Lot’s wife). (my Bible readers felt that)
Look here’s the thing… We…
7 Things You May Not Know About DMX
Earl Simmons also known as DMX 
1.  DMX was addicted to crack at age 14
2.  DMX made Arizona his home after falling in love with the sunset.
3.  X had a conversation with God and a prayer on every album.
4. DMX felt neglected by his mother.

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