Irma Strikes
Check out live webcam feeds from areas that are in or are close to being in the direct path of Hurricane Irma.
Over 50" Of Rain!
The rain isn't even done yet, and Hurricane Harvey is already the most extreme rain event in history.
20 Powerful Harvey Images
Families climb to rooftops to be rescued by boat and helicopter. The elderly and disabled are in dire need of rescue. And pets are lost and confused.
To The Rescue!
If you don't know who the Cajun Navy is, you're going to want to thank them when Hurricane Harvey is all said and done.
Farmer’s Almanac Predictions
Farmer's Almanac is calling for rain and cooler temps in Texarkana this fall and winter. The upcoming spring and summer seasons are looking a bit wet as well. Here is the rest of the annual weather summary:
Storm Spotting Tips
Learn how to read what the clouds in the sky mean at a free class. You can find out how to read the sky and help warn others when storms are coming.
Celestial Trifecta
If you happen to be out under the stars this weekend, you might want to look up and hope for clear skies, because starting Friday night, under a full moon, things are going to be happening.
Area Shelter Needs Help
Randy Sams' Outreach Shelter helps take care of a lot of people who need extra help. And the shelter also needs a little help from you right now -- as soon as possible. They take donations around the clock. With colder temperatures dipping into the 30s and 40s in the evenings, the shelter has s…

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