In the wake of President Donald Trump's racist comment regarding African nations, the American people remembered the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who was the symbol of civil disobedience and pushed for racial equality and peace during the Civil Rights Movement.

On MLK Day 2018, rappers and singers went on Twitter to drive home the message that racism and hatred must not be tolerated even if it comes from the current President of the United States.

Artists like Travis Scott, Chris Brown, Diddy, Common and others went on social media and saluted MLK for his courage and leadership during a time when black people were beaten and tormented for standing up for their rights.

"Happy Martin Luther King day. He inspired us to stand for what we believe," wrote La Flame via Twitter. "He put his life on the line for us, not just African Americans but so every human race can have a voice!!! Thank u Mr. King!"

Meanwhile, Breezy thanked the late MLK for sacrificing his life for the liberty of others.

"Thank YOU for GIVING YOUR LIFE TO LOVE and inspire the world to see the beauty in each other," he wrote on Instagram. "TODAY our ignorance has evolved due to the fact of false info and a government who MONITORS and incarcerates/Silence or kill anything we have close to a LEADER! Thank you for giving us a chance."

Read what other celebrities have to say about Martin Luther King Jr. and what his legacy means to them below.

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