Hulu is headed back to the Kennedy well, and bringing (arguably) the best Chris to do it. The streaming service has tapped Bloodline alum to helm a new biographical miniseries based on Robert F. Kennedy, with Star Trek and A Wrinkle in Time star Chris Pine taking the role.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Bloodline co-creator Todd E. Kessler will helm the new miniseries based on Larry Tye’s 2016 Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Liberal Icon, setting Pine in the title role. The as-yet-unnamed series marks Pine’s latest TV project, following roles in both Wet Hot American Summer series, and the Wonder Woman reunion of TNT’s One Day She’ll Darken under Patty Jenkins.

The miniseries is said to follow “Kennedy’s political career from his start as an aide for Sen. Joseph McCarthy to his untimely death in 1968 during his presidential campaign.” Tye based the memoir on interviews with “those closest to Kennedy, including his widow and his sister, and also drew from unpublished memoirs and unreleased government files.”

The project is still in development, but I for one welcome our new Pine overlords to TV. Stay tuned for the latest details on Hulu’s new miniseries as it arrives.

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