Don Q appears to be licking shots at Lil Tjay on the new song "Idk."

On Sunday (Sept. 18), Don Q released his latest track, "Idk," which appears to be a direct response to Lil Tjay's "Faceshot (Many Men Freestyle)" that came out the previous day. Q flips 50 Cent's 2005 Malay and Jake One-produced track "I Don't Know, Officer" into a scathing diss.

"Niggas jumping on these songs and they pretending to be hard/If it was us that sent the hit, you would have been in a star," Don Q spits, seemingly addressing Lil Tjay being shot back in June. "I used to like you, so I'm happy they ain't finish the job/But you must got a death wish, you try to mention the squad/Got shot, now you saying names all over your raps/Pussy boy, I could imagine what you told the detects/Got up out the hospital and now you overaggressive/’Cause they almost sent you to your maker over your necklace."

Don Q continues, "Just admit, you got caught slippin', it happens to the best of us/Not even worth killin' ’cause you was never a threat to us/Just another A Boogie stan who was obsessed with us/You never liked the fact that people called you a replica/Now you think you 50 for clout/He took nine, you took seven, two more will help him figure it out/How much Highbridge dick is gon' fit in your mouth."

Don Q appears to be angry over Lil Tjay's latest track, in which Tjay seems to call out Highbridge rhymer Trap Manny.

"Manny steady talkin' like he tough/Caught his ass, ain't have no pole, and he went skippin' off the dust," Tjay raps over 50 Cent's "Many Men (Wish Death)" track. "Type of guy try to take sum from me, boy, you high/And I ain't sayin' he the suspect, but lil homie out a eye."

There has been tension between Lil Tjay's camp and Don Q's camp for a few years. Back in 2020, Tjay appeared to diss A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie while crowning himself the king of New York.

Listen to Don Q's Apparent Lil Tjay Diss Track "Idk" Below

Listen to Lil Tjay's "Faceshot (Many Men Freestyle)"

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