Drake proved he was a fiery advocate for women Wednesday night (November 15) when he caught one of his show's attendees groping women in the crowd, and stopped his performance just to intervene.

In the middle of his Sydney show, the rapper told the DJ to 86 the music when he spotted some truly lewd behavior, and he delivered one hell of an admonition to the man in question.

"If you don't stop touching girls, I'm going to come out there and f--- you up," he warned.

Then, he doubled down on his words, noting: "You need to stop putting your hands on girls or I’m gonna come out there and f--- you up."

Audiences cheered on the moment, and when things returned to status quo, Drake picked up with a performance of "Know Yourself."

Later, when the moment found its way to social media, fans and viewers couldn't help but cheer on the rapper for his nobility.

"Thank you @Drake for being an advocate for us women!" one follower noted, while another wrote "Ahahahah LEGEND. He should be around when Weinstein is creeping."

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