Fresh off dropping their new album Morning Afterdvsn is back with some new music, premiering three remixes during a recent appearance on OVO Sound Radio.

The duo of Daniel Daley and Nineteen85 dropped remixes of the song "Don't Choose" featuring Roy Woods, Justin Bieber and BloodPop's "Friends" and SZA's "The Weekend."

As for their latest project, the duo says that foreign films were a major inspiration behind the art for the new album.

“To be specific, Asian, European, and Latin film all had three key things that stood out to us, that made them feel different from North American movies and TV: subtitles, color, and location,” they explained to Pigeons and Planes. "Visuals are important to us because we know music opens the door to the unknown. Your mind automatically starts to fill in the blanks and create what you would want to see while listening to our music."


Check out dvsn's three new songs below.

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