A collective of Elvis Presley conspiracy theorists feel they’ve found definitive proof the icon faked his death 40 years ago and is, in fact, living his best life within the confines of his mansion-turned-museum, Graceland.

A live stream shot at Graceland during this year’s 82nd annual birthday tribute to the King on January 8 has sent overzealous death hoax believers into meltdown mode. The Facebook group Evidence Elvis Presley Is Alive initially claimed one fan in particular -- a heavyset, bearded man wearing sunglasses and a cap -- who attended the event is actually the late legend in disguise, and the three men lingering in the background nearby are bodyguards meant to ward off any fans who get too close.

elvis conspiracy theory

But after a few days' worth of further exploration, the admins of the Facebook page ultimately concluded the man in the hat is not the late Elvis (though he is still very much alive somewhere, they claim), but is his twin brother, Jesse Garon Presley. It's a believable theory so long as you ignore the fact that Jesse was reportedly delivered stillborn 35 minutes before Elvis’s birth, back in 1935.

According to official reports, Elvis died on August 16, 1977, after suffering cardiac arrest from an accidental drug overdose, though conspiracies surrounding his actual cause of death exist in abundance, too. Presley’s stepbrother David E. Stanley recently wrote a tell-all called My Brother Elvis: The Final Years, where he alleges the late star’s death was intentional.

In any case, Elvis death hoax rumors have been alive and well for years and begin recirculating online whenever a small but loud subset of delusional fans purposely ignore the philosophic principle of Occam's Razor, which states the simplest explanation is, most often, the correct one.

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