Just one day after Josh Duhamel tweeted that he and wife Fergie wanted to keep their newborn "to ourselves," the stars today (Sept. 17) shared the first photos of their son with the world!

Axl Jack Duhamel is the couple's first child, and the fans have been awaiting their first glimpse of him since his Aug. 29 birth. Josh posted a picture of the infant on his Facebook and Instagram accounts, with the caption "Day 1 Life is good" and the hilarious hashtag "‪#‎paparazziyoucanleaveourhousenow‬"!

Baby Axl is beyond precious in the pic, swaddled in a blanket and adorned with the cute stocking cap hospitals put on newborns. His eyes are closed, but his little lips are pursed, as if he's already practicing for the many, many photo sessions no doubt to come! It's too soon to say which star the infant more closely resembles, but he is adorable.

For her part, Fergie took to Twitter and Instagram to share another image of their son with her followers. This time he's chilling with headphones on:

Black Eyed Peas singer and hunky actor share the newborn's photo for the first time. Only yesterday, Josh answered a fan's question on Twitter about seeing the baby with the following:

All we know is that we are in loooooove!

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