Whatever your take on Game of Thrones’ penultimate season, there’s no downplaying a dragon-sized leap in battle VFX. Experience the movie magic for yourself with an extensive breakdown of all Jon and Dany’s adventures “Beyond The Wall,” chock-full of wights, dragons and more.

El Ranchito put together a new reel of plate photography from the big moments of Season 7’s own penultimate episode, “Beyond The Wall,” from the initial wight chases to the frozen lake battle, and ultimately Viserion’s retrieval from beneath the ice. Much of it involves the kind of “wights in tights” green-screen work we’ve seen before, but there’s also a nifty look at how the Night King goes from makeup to an ethereal, frozen nightmare:

Of course, “Beyond The Wall” wasn’t the only major battle of the season, so hopefully we’ll catch an inside look at the “Spoils of War” and its “Loot Train Battle” in the near future as well. It remains to be seen how long each Game of Thrones fix needs to last, given the final six episodes will enter production later this year, but still may not arrive until 2019.

Check out our breakdowns of all the big finale events in the meantime, and stay tuned for more Game of Thrones.

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