Throw in as many ice zombies and crumbling walls as you like; Game of Thrones Season 7 couldn’t outdo that fiery “Loot Train Battle” from “The Spoils of War.” Now, a new featurette reveals the extensive CG work that went into the Lannister army’s flaming demise.

Following a prior featurette of the battle “Beyond The Wall,” a new behind-the-scenes glimpse at Season 7 sees Deluxe’s Iloura compositing countless Dothraki, Lannisters, and one giant dragon laying fire for all of them. According to the team, the effort involved hi-res digital doubles for the Dothraki, full CG shots, set extensions and terabytes of simulation data for the fire and smoke effects (to say nothing of practical explosions):

Not only that, but the battle had to be presented from both ground-level and Daenerys’ dragon-back perspective as well, which involved creating shots from scratch with set scans and matte paintings. Lord knows what kind of CG shenanigans will be required of the eighth and final season, which could well feature battles involving soldiers, Dothraki, Wights, White Walkers, and aerial battles between dueling dragons.

Oh, Game of Thrones never seemed so far away. Stay tuned for more as production gears up again this fall.

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