'Glee' remains a hot topic in the media this week.

Besides the tragic death of series star Cory Monteith last week, Mark Salling, who plays Puck on the show, is now suing State Farm Insurance since the company refused to cover him when he was accused of sexual battery. He deems their denial of coverage "despicable" and "malicious."

Here's the backstory. Salling was sued by a woman -- a former Playboy model -- who said they were dating. She says she wanted him to wear condoms during intercourse, but he refused and it resulted in forcibly unprotected sex. We know, TMI, but, it's a legal case and it gets worse…

The ex-bunny claims she went to Salling's crib a month later, demanding proof that he didn't have any STDs. His response? He pushed her to the ground… according to her side of the story.

That case remains open.

Salling's suit against State Farm is related, since he claims his homeowner's policy, held by State Farm, should foot the legal bill and cover any other money related to the defense in the sexual battery case. State Farm repeatedly refused to cover the bills.

So, like a bad neighbor, State Farm isn't there for Mark Salling.

Why the company is denying financial support is unclear, but TMZ suggests it could be related to the fact that criminal acts may not be covered under the policy.

What a mess.

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