Gotham’s chickens (bats?) are officially home to roost, now that Season 4 has begun picking up old threads. Not only is Scarecrow terrorizing Gotham in a new Season 4 trailer, but Bruce’s proto-Batsuit gets a few fresh looks as well.

Fear seems to have gripped Gotham in a latest look at the fourth season (via Entertainment Weekly), now that Season 1’s Scarecrow setup has apparently come back to haunt everyone. Meanwhile, Bruce has Alfred and Lucius reluctantly supporting his night-time activities, Penguin gets some spiffy new hair, and Alexander Siddig’s Ra’s al Ghul takes another dip in that mysterious green bubble-bath. A “pit” of sorts, if you will.

Elsewhere of Gotham Season 4, dubbed “Dawn of Night,” we know Teen Wolf alum Crystal Reed will take the role of Sofia Falcone, the intelligent and calculating daughter of Don Falcone. We also know Fringe alum Michael Cerveris will play Professor Pyg, while Butch Gilzean will return after the reveal that his real name was actually “Cyrus Gold” (aka Solomon Grundy).

Gotham Season 4 will premiere on September 21, so stay tuned for the latest.

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