Well, another one bites the dust in the world of Halle Berry and relationships, as she bids farewell to her boyfriend, Alex Da Kid during a romantic vacation (Baecation) in Bora Bora. 

How she did it was straight savage. The 51-year-old beauty took her 35-year-old British beaux on a lovers getaway, and apparently had the ultimate epiphany. According to In Touch Weekly, a source said Halle broke up with the British music producer right in the middle of the vacation when she realized his age and communication skills may be a barrier in the relationship. The source said,

"Halle decided he was too young and his communication skills were terrible. She said she needs someone who can think for themselves and is mature, smart and all-around adventurous."

And just like THAT, she had her assistant book her a flight home and it was a wrap! That HAS to be the coldest breakup in 2017. But hey... why go into the New Year in a relationship you know won't work? I applaud her ability to choose what's best for HER over what anyone else may think or feel. And how can one reeeeeeeally complain about being left on vacation in Bora Bora?! I'd say it was a win for both parties. :)

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